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How Variable Printing can Improve ROI

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

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There are many terms in the print business that are just downright confusing. Variable Data Print is one of them.

We would like to clear up the confusion so that our customers can better understand this little known term and know how Variable Print can improve ROI.


Variable data printing, or one-to-one marketing is a personalized method of printing. It offers customized, targeting encounters with potential customers - creating a powerful marketing option. Variable data software allows elements such as text, graphics, photos, colors, and more to be personalized on each page on a simple record-by-record basis. In essence, one document is designed but, by using variable data printing, many uniquely personalized pieces can be created to target audiences.


Variable printing has been shown to drastically improve response rates while simultaneously reducing printing costs. This is due to the shorter print runs. We are all competing to consumer attention. Printing variable data mailers that are personalized to your target audience grab their attention and in return offer you a better response rate.

Consider the ability to create a custom message for each potential customer. Catered to their age, interest, gender, buying habits, address, and more.

Variable data printing is faster and more economical to print:

  • Only needing to print as many as you need

  • Ability to test-market a piece with a partial selection of your database

  • Ability to print addresses directly onto the mailer

If you are ready to give variable data printing a try, give us a call.

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