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Celebrating International Women's Day at Brand It Graphix

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Celebrating International Women's Day at Brand It Graphix

Today, we’re thrilled to celebrate International Women's Day. This day is all about celebrating the strength, resilience, and achievements of women both in our own company, and all around the print and marketing world as a whole. As a woman-owned company, we are proud to be part of this movement and to play our part in promoting a more just and equitable world for all women. Today, on International Women's Day, we want to recognize and celebrate the hard work of all the important women in the Brand It Graphix family!

Celebrating women on International Women's Day

We know that the best game-plans often come from teams with a wide range of experiences and perspectives, Brand It Graphix has had women in leadership roles since our launch. In the print and marketing industries that’s transformative. We made our commitment to diversity official by earning a HUB certification. The Historically Underutilized Business Program was created to promote full and equal procurement opportunities for small, minority- and women-owned businesses.

To seek certification as a HUB, the corporation, sole proprietorship, partnership, or a joint venture must maintain 51 percent ownership of the business by a woman, minority and/or service-disabled veteran. This certification was important to us because we want to exude empowerment and inclusion in our local community and in our industries at large.

Female leader International Women's Day

At the helm of Brand It Graphix is our strong and fearless female leader and CEO, Cindy Brannon. Cindy has transformed her company by making significant investments in equipment and technology. Cindy is an inspiration to all, but specifically young professional females. She has an impressive background in corporate technology that she creatively leveraged into owning and operating a hometown corporation that has quickly become a mainstay in the community.

Read about Brannon Industrial Group's IWD celebration HERE!

Cindy has intentionally and cleverly assembled a unique and diverse group of employees at Brand It. The overarching goal being to provide an all-inclusive branding approach for any company looking to strengthen their identity. Whether that be through print collateral or digital marketing schemes. We partner with clients to create business cards, promotional products, updated website designs and comprehensive marketing plans.

Thanks to her storied past, and vision for the future, Cindy approaches things from a macro and micro perspective. Diversification has allowed the company to serve both startup companies and corporate spin-offs. Under her leadership, our team has executed impressive brand developments for companies globally. From large oil and gas corporations to small town mom and pop operations, Cindy has welcomed the opportunity to do business with all.

We’re so proud to tout our female make-up at Brand It Graphix because we know that our unique experiences and backgrounds play a pivotal role in the creative and effective results that we continually produce. Whether it be a beautifully designed company sign, or a well-managed social media account, the ladies of Brand It work hard for our clients.

empowering women International Women's Day

We think having empowered women and a wide range of experiences and perspectives is always important. At Brand It Graphix we want to encourage more women into the industry of print and marketing. If we're to grow and innovate further, it is so important that there is more diversity in leading roles to bring new ideas and processes. As a woman-owned company, we are proud to be part of this movement and to play our part in promoting an encouraging world for all women. We celebrate our Brand It ladies every day, but more especially today in honor of International Women’s Day!

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