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Order Your Print Today!

Commercial Printing

Business Cards

Your business card is where it all begins and leaves a lasting impression. Skimping on quality may save you up front but could cost how prospects perceive you. At Brand It Graphix, we understand both quality and cost. From our metal engraved cards to our iridescent prints, we are here to help you achieve a cost-efficient, high-quality lasting impression. 


Business Stationary

Not all business correspondence is going digital. Letterhead and matching envelopes give your brand an organized feel - leaving a lasting, tangible impression on your target audience. 

Try our new patterned printing technique for a truly remarkable experience your customers will remember.


Product Brochures

Product Brochures are a sales kit essential - never leave home without them. Begin with attractive, vibrant graphics and authentic content for a compelling product brochure. 

With our in-house digital press, we are able to personalize and print your bulk order brochures and sales kit with speed and accuracy. 


Sell Sheets

Arm your salespeople with the power of attractive sales sheets. Available in various formats, these dazzling, sales-building tools are ideally suited for sales calls as well as trade show handouts.

Let our creative design and marketing team help you design and craft an attractive and effective Sales Sheet to fit your brand image. 


Rack Cards

Get the word out about your brand and the products and services you offer. 

Rack cards are excellent marketing tools to help build name-recognition and increase the chatter about your brand.



Postcards are one of the most affordable, versatile, and well-received tools available. They are a terrific way to share your story in words, images, or a vibrant combination of both.


Pocket Folders

Sales kits, media kits, trade show materials, presentation folders, and new hire orientation folders.

Whatever the need, we can help you create and print a functional, attractive pocket folder that gets the job done and closes the sales beautifully. 

Media Kit.jpg


There's no better way to tell your story and inform your customers than with a newsletter. Share useful information your customers will want to know about new products and services with a tangible, beautifully designed newsletter or booklet that is enjoyable to read.


As your one-source commercial printer, we can help you jump-start your business in profound ways.  We provide an assortment of custom signs and products to add value to your business with: printing, mailing, event, storefront, and retail signage and displays. 
We want to be your businesses trusted ally. 

With the latest technology in print, experienced graphic designers, and knowledgeable marketers on staff, we can help you design your media, understand your target audience, and implement a cost-effective marketing strategy - all under one roof. 

8 Reasons to Choose Print

When you need marketing that works, the choice is simple.


82% of internet users trust print more than digital marketing. Print remains the most trusted type of Ad.


Direct mail marketing has a 1300% return! American advertisers spend $167 per person on direct mail to earn $2,095 worth of goods sold.


Direct mail has an open rate of 80-90%! Compared to the open rate of email campaigns at a mere's unbeatable.


85% of consumers admit they are more likely to shop with a company that uses organized, professionally printed marketing materials such as business cards, signs and banners, or flyers.​


Consumer studies have shown that simply touching catalogs, brochures, and direct mail subconsciously increases the perceived value of a brand. 


Not only is print more memorable, it also requires 21% less brain power to process - while creating a 71% increase in brand recall than digital platforms.


Renewable. Recyclable. Sustainable.

Paper is biodegradable, renewable and sustainable.


A dismal 45% of consumers will immediately open their emails. On the other hand, a striking 79% of consumers will take action on direct mail immediately.

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